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We dedicate this website to the latest news, top stories, and expert analysis on major, minor, and college basketball, football, baseball, and other team sports. Athletes and fans can stay up to date with the latest happenings in the world of team sports.

More than just reporting a game or analyzing the way an athelete works, we want to foster a community of team sports fans. Our readers can comment, debate, or just share their thoughts on our website and find like-minded fans or discover new opinions.

Gavin Carter

Gavin grew up hoping to one day be a basketball player, but found that he was much more talented at analyzing and writing about sports and became a sports news writer and reporter instead. While he writes for his local paper’s sports section, he writes and reports as well online. He also runs his own separate NBA analysis blog, talking about all the players that catch his attention.

A husband and a father to two, Gavin lives in Massachusetts. He enjoys watching his sons play basketball, but you might also find him in his daughter’s ballet recital.

Sarah Vonn

Sarah was a volleyball player in high school, but opted not to continue her sports career in college and instead joined the university publication. She was their sports editor when she graduated and, two years later, continues to write about college team sports for universities in the state.

When she’s not on the court or any playing field, Sarah leads an active lifestyle. Though not a team sport, she’s a part of a cycling group that meets on the weekends. She’s a Red Sox fan and watches their game whenever they’re playing in her city.

Rob Lightwood

Rob is a who, apart from writing sports, enjoys living a fit and healthy lifestyle. From an early age, Rob was a ball of energy who could never stay still, even while writing an article. Apart from writing about fantasy sports, he likes to talk about health and ways athletes can stay fit and strong the healthy way.

He lives in Boston with his Golden Retriever, Max, who is just as much of a ball of energy as he is.
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